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VRS Kill Switch

VRS Kill Switch


Discover our German-made kill switch system for the VRS Wheelbase - an innovation that takes comfort and safety to a new level. Seamlessly integrating into your setup, this product enables instant power cut-off, which is crucial for fast response times.

Made from high-quality materials, the kill switch system is impressive due to its durability and reliability. The one-click operation makes it not only intuitive, but also an essential safety factor in your simulation equipment.

The elegant, minimalist design of our Killswitch system blends harmoniously into any setup and underlines your demand for a first-class simulation experience. A compact but indispensable companion for every demanding simulator enthusiast who values comfort and safety.

  • Details

    Material: PLA
    Dimensions: 122x46x55 mm (LxWxH)
    Mounting options: 2xM6 screw+Slot nut incl.
    Compatibility: VRS
    Installation: Easy installation with Allen key size 3
    Weight: 250g

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