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Stream Deck + (Plus) Simrig Holder


Discover our high-quality, hand-crafted housing for easy mounting of the new Stream Deck + (Plus) to your Simrig - a premium product made with passion and precision in Germany. This versatile mounting system has been specifically designed to allow you to effortlessly attach and adjust your devices.

Our case is characterized by its uncomplicated assembly, which is easy to handle even for beginners. The intelligent design allows you to attach the case to both vertical and horizontal profiles. Flexibility is our top priority, so we designed the product so that after assembly you can tilt and rotate the case as you wish.

Thanks to these features, the case allows the best possible access to the Stream Deck + (Plus) at all times, so that you can design your simulation experience uninterrupted and efficiently. With this product, we ensure that your needs and expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

Treat yourself to our hand-crafted, German-made Stream Deck + (Plus) mounting case, which combines functionality, versatility and high-quality workmanship. Make your simulation equipment something very special and experience a new dimension of user-friendliness and comfort.

  • Details

    • Material : PLA
    • Dimensions : 155x150x38.5 mm (LxWxH)
    • Mounting options : 3 dimensionally pivoting mounting foot with 2xM6 screw+slot nut incl.
    • Compatibility : Stream Deck + (Plus)
    • Installation : Easy installation with Allen key size 3
    • Weight : 300g

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