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Simracing - What is that?

The world of Simracing has witnessed an incredible surge in recent years and has evolved into a fascinating and growing community, thanks in no small part to prominent mainstream YouTubers such as Linus Tech Tips, JP Performance, or Austin Evans. But what exactly is Simracing? In this article, we will take a closer look at this exciting motorsport simulation that blurs the boundaries between virtual and real racing.

What is Simracing?

Simracing, also known as racing simulation on a computer or console, is a form of virtual motorsport that allows players to replicate racing experiences in a realistic digital environment. Unlike traditional video games or arcade racing, Simracing focuses on authenticity and realism. It aims to get as close as possible to the actual driving experience without physically being inside a race car.

Basic Equipment for Beginners

To get started with Simracing, beginners require fundamental equipment that forms the core of the experience, including:

  • Wheelbase: The wheelbase serves as the foundation of Simracing equipment and forms the basis for the steering wheel and pedals. It acts as the interface between the player and the racing simulation, generating the necessary reaction forces to simulate the vehicle.

  • Steering Wheel: The steering wheel serves as the control interface through which players navigate the virtual vehicle. There is a wide range of steering wheels to choose from, ranging from basic models to high-quality, direct-drive force-feedback wheels.

  • Pedals: Pedals are responsible for acceleration, braking, and clutching. High-quality pedals offer a realistic feel and require precise inputs.

The quality of the equipment significantly impacts the gaming experience. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in high-quality equipment to achieve the most realistic feel in Simracing.

Simracing Software

Simracing wouldn't be possible without the right software. Various racing simulations are available, including popular options like iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Automobilista 2, and EA Sports WRC. Each of these platforms offers a unique selection of race tracks and vehicle models, providing players with a wide range of racing opportunities.

Depending on your preferred type of motorsport or race track, you'll likely find the suitable software that aligns with your preferences. From realistic vehicle physics simulations to specialized racing series, Simracing software offers a wealth of options.

Vergleich von drei Rennsimulationen
Vergleich von drei Rennsimulationen

Realism in Simracing

The realism in Simracing largely depends on the quality of the equipment used. With high-quality equipment and force-feedback-enabled steering wheels, players can experience an incredibly realistic driving sensation. This realistic experience has led renowned racing teams and professional drivers to incorporate simulators into their training. For example, every Formula 1 team has its own professional simulator (although these have very little in common with products for end customers). You can also find big names like Max Verstappen or Charles Leclerc on the leaderboards of iRacing and similar platforms.

Simracing not only offers an authentic driving experience but also serves as a valuable tool for training and developing motorsport talent. It allows drivers to learn race tracks, develop race strategies, and practice racing under real-world conditions without the costs and risks associated with actual motorsport. This provides young talents with an entry into motorsport without the need for significant investments. Examples include Tim Heinemann, who, after winning the DTM Trophy in the 2023 season, is now competing in the DTM, or James Baldwin, who transitioned from Simracing to a GT3 cockpit in the British GT Championship.

Max Verstappen in a Racing Simulator
Max Verstappen in a Racing Simulator

Simracing Community and Events

The Simracing community is highly vibrant and diverse. Online races are integrated into most racing simulations, providing players with the opportunity to compete with like-minded individuals from around the world. Additionally, there are supplementary services like Lowfuel Motorsport, which organize professional Simracing leagues and tournaments.

For those who want to experience Simracing in person, there are now events like the Simracing Expo, where enthusiasts, manufacturers, and racing drivers come together to experience the latest Simracing technology and engage in discussions.


Simracing offers a unique way to experience the thrill of motorsport virtually. With the right equipment and software, players can enjoy realistic racing simulations and engage with a dedicated community. Whether you're a motorsport enthusiast or simply seeking a new challenge, Simracing is definitely worth a try. Dive into the world of Simracing and experience the excitement of racing from the comfort of your own home. See you on the track!

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